01 The End and the Beginning 01

Bringing Collaboration to the Next Level

Mecha Chaotic
2 min readMar 29, 2023

There are 4 ROYS that are among the most powerful creations GL-4M has ever created. So powerful, they wield enough cosmic energy to control the fate of the ROYS. Bend them to your will, and that power is yours.

Introducing the new super rare 3/3 ROYS Blanks, the Catalyst ROY, One and Zero.


Off, End, False, Null. These ROYS have the power of ending. They have the power to halt any and all creation of ROYS throughout the known multiverse.

It takes 200 ROYS Blanks to bend a Zero to your will and it will stop the Minting Process. Once they are minted (through the burn) there will be no more Mint Windows. No mint check, nothing, just done.

The only exception is it’s counterpart…


On, Start, True, Power. These ROYS have the power of beginning. They have the power to restart the creation of ROYS despite whatever power halted it.

Should the minting of Forged ROYS be halted by either a roll of double 1s on the Mint Check, or the power of a Zero, minting a ROYS One through a 200 ROYS Blank burn will reopen the ROYS Forge Minting process.

When a ROYS One is minted, Mint Windows will begin to open on a regular basis as if we were starting over again with weekly Mint Checks, and the Minter will be able to negotiate it’s time slots.

If a ROYS Zero is minted after a ROYS One, but before a mint could happen, there will be a single mint, timing chosen by the minter of the ROYS One before closing indefinitely, or until another ROYS One is minted.

The Burn

The burn will begin on 3/30 and will be open forever.