ROYS Builder Guide

Mecha Chaotic
3 min readMar 19, 2023


Tips for building your own Friend.

There are no limits for how you use your traits, but there are some tips for getting the best results.

Skin Quirks

Some skins, such as the ZombROYS and the Skelly ROYS have a different shape than the others. This means that certain traits aren’t going to work well. Instead of listing them all, I will just let you know what to look out for.

For both ZombROYS and Skelly ROYS, most of the Bill Traits won’t work, because of the gap in their Bill.

Skelly ROYS have an issue with every Body trait, because they are transparent.

ZombROYS only have issues with Body traits that have collars.


Brief Warning:

Keep an eye on the edges and where traits overlap one another. Many traits work together, but some cut into each other strange, or don’t completely go over a trait.

In the end it’s up to you whether it looks good or not.

Combining Traits

There are plenty of traits that work when stacked. Even when they take up the same “Slot.”

The most basic example is the Cyberbill and the Cybermaw or Cyberjaw.

Oh, and look, it solved all of the problems for the ZombROYS above! Nice!

…but not for Skelly ROYS 😢

Check the arm pit 👀

So play around, try to find different combinations! We tried to put in as many as we could, without bottle necking the traits into certain categories.

The Space Suit

The Space Suit is unique, in that it has an optional second piece.

We did this so that you can use more traits. with the space suit, and have an open helmet or closed.

For Example:

The jaw doesn’t layer correctly… and then we add the helmet.

Now it works! and your ROYS have glass to protect their face!

Bug Reporting

If you run into any issues, please ping Ethan on the Discord, and he will help to resolve it as soon as possible.


The #1 thing about this whole process is to have fun! So don’t get too bogged down in what doesn’t work, or overly scruitinizing every choice you make. Make stuff that you think is cool!

If you’re enjoying the experience, share it! Tell your mother, tell your friend, tell the universe!