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4 min readMar 17, 2023


With over half of the R.O.Y.S. Blank supply burned, we now get to move onto the best part. Adding traits!

As if this mint process wasn’t unique enough, we have another couple twists to add; when the mint will take place and when the mint will end.

Why Not a Normal Mint?

Because twists are more fun! Who doesn’t like a good subversion of expectations?

The Forge mint will actually be a series of mints. How many? Well that’s up to the dice gods… but more on that later.

The goal of this is to provide people the chance to mint past the standard mints, which keeps the Blanks more relevant than they would be otherwise. At least, before we announce another use for them.

We also think this is going to be a fun and memorable experience for the community, and that’s what Mecha Chaotic is all about.

Wen Mint? : Minting starts Monday 3/20/23


Well that’s where the chaos starts.

Mints will happen in 15 minute Mint Windows:

2pm EST on 3/20
2am EST on 3/21.

and then 2 more

2pm EST on 3/24
2am EST on 3/25

“Hey wait, 15 minutes isn’t enough time! Even if I made it to all 4 minting windows, that still only 60 minutes and I have so many to mint!”
- You probably.

This is true, but there are several factors here that I haven’t talked about yet.

  1. These might not be the only 4 Mint Windows that will happen.
  2. You can play around in the Forge 24 hours before the first Mint Window, and then forever afterward. So you’ll be able to pick what trait combinations you want before minting happens.

Determining whether there will be another mint

On Thursday 3/31 during the 4pm EST Livestream (the Thursday following the mint on 3/24) we will find out whether there will be another mint through a game of chance!

Game of Chance!

On Thursday 3/30 at 4pm EST Ethan will stream on the Discord. At the start of the stream he will do a “Mint check” with the roll of 2 dice. From this, there are 3 potential outcomes:

  1. On a 5+, there will be 2 mint windows on the next day, Friday 3/31 in this case. One at 2pm EST, the other 12 hours later at 2am EST on 4/1.
  2. If the total is less than 5, the next Mint Check won’t happen for a month as scheduled when the dice are rolled. In this scenario that means the next Mint Check would be on 4/27, and every subsequent Mint Check will happen Monthly instead of Weekly.
  3. If the Mint Check roll is a roll of two 1s, minting is over. There are no more mint windows that can happen without the aid of future features.

So there are four 15 minute Mint Windows, there will likely be more, but that all depends on luck.

Cliff Notes Version

15 minute Mint Windows:

  1. 3/20 at 2pm EST
  2. 3/21 at 2am EST
  3. 3/24 at 2pm EST
  4. 3/25 at 2am EST
  5. …and then?

Mint Check

3/30 4pm EST, Ethan will stream the Mint Check to see if we get more mints or not.

Remember this?

If we do get more mints…


That’s all!

Rad Experiences

Mecha Chaotic is always looking to push the boundaries of web3, both in visual art, but also in the performative art experience that you all get to take part in!

We want to make sure it’s always fun and as engaging as you’d like it to be. That means you could just wait for announcements for when things are happening, or you can get in there and get involved in the process, right down to idea creation on livestreams with Ethan.

This mint is just an expansion on that idea. We appreciate you, and your willingness to take part in our chaotic experiences!

See you all in the Forge!