The Mecha Chaotic Forge

Mecha Chaotic
3 min readMar 2, 2023


Have you ever wanted a Chaotic Remix, but haven’t been able to get one? Well now’s your opportunity!

Ape Chaotic Remixes

The Forge is a way for communities to channel their creative energy through Ethan to make derivatives for entire collections. Combining his chaos and your input.

Video Announcement

The Creation Process

If you’ve ever been to a Mecha Chaotic stream, you’ve undoubtedly seen Ethan’s ability to collaborate, and ability to adapt seemingly conflicting ideas seamlessly. Now, instead of using that power for a single image at a time, he will be using it to build traits for entire collections.

Ethan will either be visiting communities or be in the Mecha Chaotic Discord hosting livestreams where he will make traits for selected Collections. Over the course of a handful of streams you will be able to help him create new chaotic traits for a collection while you chat.

After the process is done and all the livestreams are completed, you will be able to visit The Forge website. Where you will be able to create your own derivative using the traits crafted during the livestreams along with some bonus traits that will have made outside the streams.

The details of the mint(price, mint window, or any other stipulations) will be given during the livestream so that participants will have a leg up on those who chose not to take part.

The Mint Process

First, Connect your Wallet.

Select the relevant collection.

Select one of the NFTs you own.

Select the traits you’d like.

Then, assuming you’re a Mecha Holder, you can click mint!

You will be prompted with a transaction that will be priced in Ethereum or an ERC20 token if applicable.

This will mint a token with this artwork into the Mecha Chaotic: Re-Forged collection!


We understand that someone likely doesn’t want to connect their wallet holding a valuable asset, so we are going to be implementing Warm Wallet to accommodate delegating that permission to another wallet to mint.

Let’s Re-Forge the Metaverse!

We’re really excited about spreading the chaos and converting more to our way of collaborative thinking! But even more than that, we’re excited to see what crazy creations you all will come up with!

If you’re thinking “But wait, what if I’m not part of any of the collections that Ethan is Re-Forging? I WANT TO USE THE FORGE TOO!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Project: R.O.Y.S.!

Check out the next Article to hear about Project: R.O.Y.S. coming soon™