Umbral Catacombs Preview

Mecha Chaotic
3 min readDec 12, 2021

With the Bedlam summoning ritual coming up, we thought it might be nice to share some information about our upcoming game: Umbral Catacombs.

Main Menu

The Umbral Catacombs will initially be a single player Dungeon Crawl auto battler that will be free to play, regardless of whether you own any Mecha Chaotic NFTs or not. However, owning the NFTs will enhance your experience (explained later).

Example Battleground

Phase 1 Metabeings and the game

Phase 1 NFTs are implemented into the game to use in a pokemon style battle system.
(and future non bedlam metabeings)

You build a small team using the Phase 1 Metabeings. Each metabeing has a cost between 1–4 supply, based on rarity. You can bring a up to a total of 6 supply worth of metabings into a run!

Sneak peek of the Menu, and how you’ll be choosing your Metabeings

Bedlam Metabeings and the game

Bedlam mints will function as a leader for your team that provide a passive buff to your entire active team. Without a Bedlam mint, you will have access to generic bonuses.

A Beastly Bedlam Metabeing

Game Info for Version 1

With these you can engage in a randomly generated PVE dungeon crawl and Auto battle vs hostile metabeings to gain Scrap(points) and Useful randomly generated treasures that you try to escape the labyrinth with.


Scrap is our experience system. While making your way through the Umbral Catacombs you will gain scrap for defeating enemies, and selling items.

Leveling Up your Metabeing

Scrap will eventually be incorporated into leaderboards. And is spent at the end of every run as a way to level up your team.

As you level up your metabeings, if you own the associated NFT, your metabeings stats will increase. During leveling, your metabeing will gain health and you will choose a stat to upgrade.

Each of your Phase 1 metabeing NFTs will be unique for the purposes of this game, with individual stats and achievements. Allowing you to trade and sell them to others.


Levels will last for a still to be determined amount of time before they are reset and everything is set back to level 0. If you win a community event, you will be allowed to keep some of your stats that you’ve accumulated on one of your metabeings moving into the following season.

While you can level up and play with NFTs you don’t own, you are unable to compete in community events or trade them.


By winning community events, you may also have the chance to win an upgrade to your Phase 1 art, or other goodies that we come up with!

We are really excited about this game, and especially how it’s going to allow you to affect our collections moving into the future! This is just the beginning of what we have planned for Umbral Catacombs. We will be rolling out many features, such as PvP, as soon as is feasible.

Mecha Chaotic Bedlam is minting now!