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Mecha Chaotic
4 min readNov 8, 2021

If you caught last night’s announcement stream, you already know. But if you didn’t we got you. Here’s a recap of what we went over.


Phase 2

I’ve been dying to tell you all. Keeping this secret has been driving me crazy. So without further ado…

What if I told you that this was generated?

Beast Themed Bedlam PFP

And that this was the same project?

Dominance Themed Bedlam PFP

Well this is just the very tip of the madness iceberg that is…

A truly chaotic 10k generative project bringing the calamity, and collaborative energy of Mecha Chaotic to the PFP format. Our first project to kick off Phase 2. That’s right, Bedlam is only one part of our phase 2 plans.

What? Did you think Bedlam was all that I had planned for Phase 2? Do you even know me?!

Before I tell you about the rest, how about I tell you how you’re going to influence your Bedlam mint?

Influencing your NFT

You will be able to nudge your mint towards whatever direction you’d like. The amount of nudging that you’re able to do depends on luck and how many Phase 1 NFTs you own.

One of the first utilities for Phase 1 NFTS (ROYS included) will be a free Bedlam mint for each Phase 1 Mecha Chaotic pieces you own, with additional perks. Pretty sweet right?

Corrupted Themed Bedlam PFP

To explain what those perks are, let me explain how our mint is going to work and how that will allow you to influence your final NFT.

Symbols of Power

Bedlam Summoning Circle

It’s all about the Symbols of Power (SOP). What is a Symbol of Power? I can’t really get into the specifics about how the magic works, but suffice to say that they’re potent. We have 5 types of symbols, Apex, Beast, Chaos, Corrupted, and Dominance. In order to keep this on the shorter side, we’ll save what those are exactly for a later time.

You will be minting a Bedlam Fragment NFT that comes loaded with a certain number of randomized SOP. Then you will go to our website, extract your SOP into a Power Pool and arrange 5 of those SOP on the Summoning Circle per mint. Each meta-being will require five symbols of power, and the SOP you choose in the arrangement will influence your resulting Bedlam mint. Not only will the SOP determine some of the most impactful traits you will get. It will also influence the chances of getting your preferred color scheme.

Once you submit your SOP selections, your Fragment NFT will begin the summoning. After some time the summoning will be complete and you will see the final result of your mint.

Phase 1 and Symbols of Power

Ok so, those additional Phase 1 benefits I hear you asking about. A normal mint will give you a Fragment with 6 SOP in it. Phase 1 holders will mint fragments with 7–10 SOP contained within them, based on the rarity of the corresponding Phase 1 NFT you hold.

Phase 1 Symbols of Power Table

For example, a Gatordog™ will net you 7 SOP, whereas Dargoreth, Lesser Prince of Hell will get you 10 SOP. This allows for increased flexibility in the arrangement of your Summoning Circles, and therefore more leverage over what your collection will look like.

Those on the whitelist may mint up to 3 NFTs each. Phase 1 holders may also whitelist for 3 NFTs in addition to their free mints for holding phase 1. This means that not only can you potentially mint more than a whitelister, you will also have more options when you go to arrange all of your Summoning Circles.

Don’t worry, we hear you indecisive people! There’s a randomize option too!

Well, I think that’s enough for now.

…Oh wait. There’s a game too! Can’t wait to tell you about how your NFTs are going to affect and be affected by the game coming out around the end of the year! …or earlier.

Keep a lookout on the Discord for more updates, details, and sneak peeks.

Talk to you soon!

🤘💀 Ethan