Project R.O.Y.S.

Mecha Chaotic
3 min readMar 9, 2023


Creating your favorite Platypus.


It all began with a little troll… Ethan was streaming back in 2018 on Twitch when he was asked to drawn an astronaut. Not wanting to do the expected, this is what came out:

Look familiar?

When Mecha Chaotic was being birthed, Ethan and Devtexture were sorting through all of Ethan’s drawings, trying to figure out what fit for Mecha and what didn’t. They stumbled upon this drawing and thought it would be perfect as a mascot for the brand.

Since they’re debut in the role, they’ve been one of the most popular aspects of Mecha Chaotic, and it’s about time people got their hands on some.

The Mint

The goal of this mint is many fold.

One goal was to give the community access to owning their own R.O.Y.S. We’ve always wanted to do a R.O.Y.S. collection for the community, but knew that they had a destiny and now it’s here.

With the Forge coming, we wanted people to be able to experience The Forge, even if they aren’t a part of communities who are first on the list for being Re-Forged. What better guide through the process than a R.O.Y.S.?

More on the Forge here

We also wanted this as a way to onboard people into the Mecha Chaotic universe, to show what’s so cool about being a Mecha holder 🤘 and again, who better to show them that than these loveable platypus monstrosities?

Free Open Edition Blanks

For all these reasons, we felt that an Open Edition just made sense. It facilitates everything so well.

The flexible supply means that anyone that is paying attention and is interested can get in and try it out, while getting their hands on something they’ve likely wanted since Mecha Chaotic opened it’s doors. At the same time leaving room for folks to discover us and step into the Chaos.

I mean… look how cute!


After that, making it free just seemed like the logical price.

These are meant to be the most basic of ROYS, an unrefined version that you could Forge if you wanted to.


The Burn

“The Blank is cool and all, but I want something a little flashier.”

If that’s what you’re saying, then the Burn is for you! You will be able to burn a Blank ROYS 1:1 for any of these variety of skins!

The Burn begins March 9th at 2pm EST

Colors so fire. Thanks Walter!

The Forge

The Check list

- At least 1 R.O.Y.S. Blank

- 1 Mecha NFT

- .02 $ETH + gas (Per Mint)

- Radness

Building a R.O.Y.S.

To actually put traits on your R.O.Y.S. you will need to connect the wallet containing your R.O.Y.S. NFTs to The Forge, and then select the Project R.O.Y.S. collection.

There you will be able to select any of the R.O.Y.S. you hold and then be able to add traits using the interface.

You are able to add any traits you’d like to the R.O.Y.S., it will be on you to determine if your choices work without overlapping issues.

Minting your final R.O.Y.S.

Only Mecha Holders can mint using the Forge

This means that you will need to hold at least one Mecha Chaotic NFT within the wallet you are using to mint your Forged R.O.Y.S.

To Forge an R.O.Y.S. there will be a .02ETH Mint price.

A small price to pay for something this rad.

The R.O.Y.S. army rises!

Whenever generative art is involved, there’s always a lot of unexpected combinations, and that’s some of the most exciting things about the art form.

We are so hyped to see what you make!