Understanding the Chaos

Mecha Chaotic
4 min readJan 2, 2022


A streak of energy rips through the night sky. The Second Breach has begun. The First Breach flooded our realm with all manner of creature, forever changing our reality. What chaos will follow this latest rip in the fabric of our existence?

Many of us attached our souls to these creatures, tethering them to our reality for the promise of power. A promise fulfilled, growing every day.

Some of us have even reached out and pulled this power into ourselves, through the use of fragments to exchange a portion of our humanity to become more than any of us had imagined.

The origin of these crystals is still yet unknown, but rumors of R’Gura whisper to all who have chosen this path.

Times are changing, or more appropriately, reality is changing. But for the first time, it feels like we have control of it.

Bedlam Fragment

Mecha Chaotic is not the standard collection. We aren’t following a formula; we’re developing one. Because of this, we want to make sure that we communicate what we have going on.

Most NFTs that are out there these days are Crypto first, Entertainment second… or third, or fourth. Sometimes entertainment doesn’t even make the top 10 of things they’re about. But here, entertainment and experience is everything to us. Entertainment through cool art, and through cool experiences. The tokens are just your ticket to the show, to the game, to the experience of Mecha Chaotic.

Whether that’s our interactive generative mint with Bedlam, our Faction game system that’s coming very soon, livestream formats that allow you control over the outcome, or our game, Umbral Catacombs, coming soon.

Chosen 1461 Livestream Timelapse

Our current collection breakdown mostly reflects our intentions for the Umbral Catacombs, which is most easily explained by saying that it’s “Doom Pokemon Autobattler.” Think of Pokemon, with the aesthetic of Doom, but in an autobattler format where strategy comes in with picking your team and deciding when to use your team members. If you’d like to read more about Umbral Catacombs, you can read that here.

We also have the added feature that your team leader affects the whole team, which is where Bedlam comes in.

Currently have 2 different types of Collections:

Bloodstalker from the 1st Breach


Collections that hold Metabeings, which are your Pokemon equivalent. The creatures that do the actual fighting.

Bedlam 1024


Your team leaders don’t fight directly, but provide passive benefits to your Metabeings while fighting.

We have already released the initial Breach Collection, our Genesis Collection. We will be referring to this collection as Breach 1, the First Breach, or Genesis Collection moving forward. And yes, we will have a 2nd Breach very soon.

Bedlam is currently our sole Commander Collection, but we are also working on partnering with outside collections to function as Commander Collections for your Metabeings.

It’s been a lot like building components of a machine, and now we’re starting to put them together. We’re very excited to get this Chaotic machine moving, and it’s been really fun watching it all come together!

On top of all of this, we are always taking suggestions, and love collaborating with the community (as you might’ve guessed with all the collaborations and our gauntlet livestreams). So thank you to all who have contributed, and to all those who will contribute moving forward.

So get your ticket to the Chaos now and join us in creating this monstrous machine of creativity! 🤘